Monthly Archives: February 2015

Everyday Struggle

Good morning,sitting here with a relaxing mine this morning.Wrote a little something,check it out.               You think,Life as being prosperous,beautiful,adventurous.With the words worry,greed,hate and violence erased.All ready,being Blessed with all we need to live.Some having so much,but much to selfish to give.Things that can be made again,maybe even by you.Why,we do not respect life anymore?Loving,Iiving and for giving,caring,sharing,  propersing and above all creating.what ever our hands may touch.No limits on how much.Why do we have poverty,Homeless,greed?when God gave us all we need.Use what you are giving and love life while you are living.Why would you think,what you have in the bank,will maybe some day pave your way.Life can be stopped any time any day.with the words worry,greed,hate and violence erased.I shouldn’t have to worry of my living,my nourishment my home.If money wasn’t put before humans.Doing all we can,to live a happy faithful life.To afford a home,to call your own.To not worry of having no no why human planned it this way?To reel in the plus,disrespecting all of us.Don’t let things zap up your soul.Things that can be made again,maybe even by you.